Wednesday, October 27, 2010

well that didn't last long...

of course i posted one entry and then forgot to update the second figures. anyway, heres what happened in the past few days.

i've been moping around the house mostly. not doing much at all. cooper came over sun/mon and last night and we hung out and had fun. when he's not here i'm usually pretty bored. i honestly can't remember what i did the past few days aside from having some family over for my birthday (now have $215 towards my new phone!) and hanging out. playing video games, watching movies, being a homebody basically. i had my two permanent crowns placed on my front teeth on monday and they look and feel GREAT! i'm happy that the front of my mouth is finally looking normal again. and no pain at all. which is a huge plus.

today, i was supposed to go to a haunted house with my dad. well, we ordered pizza and took it to my grandma's to have a quick dinner. everything was okay until i took a fatal bite of pizza and when i bit down, it felt like someone had shoved a steak knife up through my back tooth into the very pulp. i have this one bad tooth back there, that i had filled a long time ago but the filling fell out last year and for awhile, i had no insurance. so i didnt get it fixed. well now i'm paying for it. when i forget to chew food (especially breads and meats) on the left side of my mouth, i cause myself extreme pain. this pain from the pizza was the worst i had ever felt in my LIFE. and ive been through some pretty painful experiences. ick. anyway, the pain sent me shooting through the roof, it was so terrible. i ran away from the table, crying like a little kid, and almost fell down the stairs. needless to say it was pretty horrible. my dad took me to the dentist and she prescribed me vicodin and an antibiotic for now, and i have to get a root canal done ASAP because the tooth is seriously messed up. ugh. not looking forward to this at all.

maybe more later.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh and...

to add to what i was saying before...something hilarious happened a few moments ago. checked facebook to find that some random jerk that added me forever ago commented on one of my statuses. my status was the one saying that i put up with too much crap, and a frowny face. not too terrible i wouldthink. i wasnt saying stuff like. "ZOMG I HATE MY LIFE I WANNA DIE I HATE YOU ALL BLAHHHH RAGEEEEEE" no. i wasnt saying that. but this moron decided to say something along the lines of "you complain too much, stop whining on facebook, nobody cares" etc etc..something to that effect. LOL. ok. coolstorybrah. the last part of his message said "*deletes you*" and sure enough, he deleted me. more LOLs on my end. im laughing now just remembering it. hahah. anyway, because at that moment i was really angry that someone would alienate me online like that, i sent him a message calling him out. used some nice language in that one. i told him he had no business saying crap like that since i dont even know him. he messaged me back trying to argue with me. my last reply said "QQ more brah." and i left it at that. the whole situation makes me laugh, and angry at the same time. oh well. thats that.

first post?

ok so i dont even know how many people will read this. ive tried to keep 2 blogs like this in the past 2 years and they ended up failing miserably because i never updated. plus i doubt anyone actually read it. but i guess this is jsut for my to post my thoughts and write down what i did everyday, i guess. it helps me clear my mind to write down the shit that happened to me, good or bad, whatever. so heres the first post.

so today was boring. really boring. my birthday was a few days ago so yay for that i guess. had fun. cooper bought me a really nice necklace that i fell in love with when i saw it. so that was good. i woke up today (or yesterday i guess; saturday) at 4:45 PM and was afraid my mom would flip but she didnt seem to mind. its not 7:42 AM and i havent slept yet at all...probably cuz of the mountain dew and stress running through my body. h well. i have to be up by 1 to get ready to go have dinner with dad (more birthday stuff, yay?) so i need at least 5 hours of this rate i'll probably get around 4 hours. fehh.

i did nothing really all day..watched tv, hung out at home, asked on facebook if people wanted to hang out and of course nobody responded. story of my life. waited around for cooper to call the housephone til about 11 but then noticed he had gone home and not called so that sucked a bit. played wow for awhile, pretty much all night. got pissed about some stuff and decided to tab out and browse the internet while i calmed down. creet tried to talk to me but i didnt feel like talking so i just logged off eventually around 6AM and have been restless since then. this feeling really sucks.

random thoughts going through my mind recently:
- i need to get my license;
- i don't wanna go to school, not after christmas, not ever. i just dont think its for me and i hope people can accept that and deal with it. if they cant i dont think i want them as friends.
- i need new hobbies. i play too much wow and i sit around in my room too much. working on music is fun but its not fun if im doing it by myself.
- there is absolutely NOTHING good on tv at 7:45 in the morning. why am i torturing myself. oh and i refuse to watch full house.
- my room is so messy and im beginning to get angry at myself for not cleaning it more often

anyway im sick of typing. plus the keyboard is kind of loud and i hear my mom walking around outside in the hall. if she knows im still up she might give me a hard time.

til next time,
alli :\